Moonshine Exchange

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Performance Based Amazon Marketing

We are in the midst of a golden era. The opportunity in front of us is like discovering Facebook ads in 2012. There's an immense amount of value in Amazon ads, but barely anyone is taking it seriously. 

At the same time, the advertising industry is undergoing a massive change. Due to the huge number of "marketers" flooding the space the talent pool is growing ever larger while it's becoming harder and hard to discern  who is actually talented. 

It's at the intersection of these 2 trends Moonshine Exchange was founded. Our model is performance based, that means we get a base to cover costs and a performance percentage where we make our profit. Basically, we only make money while you do. Combining that with this being the relatively early days of the Amazon gold rush, our merry band of marketers is here to take your product, and revenue, to the moon and beyond.